Nexx X60 60% Dark Visor Ice Rap Runner Helmet Shield smoke s

Nexx x60 rap helmet visor smoke 60 % dark shield
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Nexx X60 60 percent  smoke tinted Visor Ice Rap Runner Helmet Shield s 04VISX600145 ECE and UK


Nexx X60 04VISX600145 Rap visor smoke  60 percent smoke  Visor Ice Rap Runner Helmet Shield s  All Nexx visors are for the UK and european market to full ECE approval. All Nexx visors are made from abrasion resistant lexan increasing the visor life and providing scratch resistance in varying other tints of 0% and 80% for those other days

Nexx Helmets  a combination of Good style safety and pricing made in Portugal  not far east like most helmets .

Nexxpro was Portugals first company using technology for producing fiber helmets.
This consisted of quality, design and innovation which are the main characteristics of a Nexx helmet.
Nexx is covered in 46 countries worldwide witht the hopes of extending this to more.

NEXX provide a modern cool interpretation of motorcycle helmets.